The collective

Several factors led to the creation of We Report in 2014. Firstly, we discovered the need to share the skills amongst independent journalists from several European countries. Secondly, we wanted to cover international topics for multimedia. Thirdly, we wanted above all more time and space for self-initiative journalism, groundwork and investigative stories.

Since then, we’ve been collaborating for major European media outlets such as Mediapart, ARTE, Libération, RFI, Die Zeit, Der Spiegel, L’Espresso, la RTS, La Cité, Les Jours and La Tribune de Genève.

Together, we’ve been launching in-depth research projects, in France and internationally. We worked on Interpol, reveiled the Petrobas and the Nestlé Vittel scandal, investigated on Europe’s far right, toxic waste, the tobacco industry, nepotism amongst local politicians and several cases of pedophilia in the French catholic church and in sports.

In South-East Turky, we travelled along with Armenians, one decade after the genocide. From Greece to Serbia, via Kosovo and Macedonia, we covered the arrival of migrants in Europa on the Balkan trail. In Slovakia and Romania, we shed light on Roma people being victim of segregation.

Our joint investigative projects have been winning awards and prestigious grants in France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.


<strong> Daphné Gastaldi </strong>
Daphné Gastaldi Multimedia journalist
Based in Marseille, France
Daphne is specialized in social issues, politics and cultural issues. She works in France and abroad. Daphne is an expert in long-formats and in-depth stories and works for radio stations as well as for for printed press and web media. She also teaches in journalism schools and holds workshops about radio and media literacy.

Partners: Mediapart, Libération, Radio France Internationale, Premières Lignes (Cash investigation), La Cité, RTS, Irin News, Slate, Lyon Capitale/Le lanceur, RCF, France Télévisions.

Books: «Le Prix du berceau» (with Mathieu Perisse, Le Seuil, 2023); «Eglise, la mécanique du silence» (with Mathieu Martiniere, Mathieu Périsse, JC Lattès, 2017); «Génocide arménien, en quête de mémoire» (with Pierre Gouyou Beauchamps, Mathieu Martiniere, Golias, 2015).

Documentaries: Cash Investigation contributor, «Eglise, le poids du silence» (Premières Lignes, France 2, 2017) awarded with the Prix Europa 2017.

Awards: Prix international DevReporter 2016, with Mathieu Martiniere and Alberto Campi, for reports about Roma people in France, Romania and Slovakia. Silver award of P.I.E.E.D 2011 for the multimedia reports multimedia in Benin and Togo, with Leïla Beratto.

<strong>Mathieu Martiniere</strong>
Mathieu MartiniereMultimedia journalist
Based in Lyon, France
Mathieu works on investigative stories for French and European media. He also teaches in journalism schools and holds workshops about media literacy and investigative journalism.

Partners: Mediapart, La Cité, Les Jours, Mediacités, La Tribune de Genève, Libération, RFI, Premières Lignes (Cash Investigation), Slate, Les Inrocks, Irin News, Die Zeit, Lyon Capitale, Rue89Lyon…

Books: «Eglise, la mécanique du silence» (with Daphné Gastaldi, Mathieu Périsse, JC Lattès, 2017); «Génocide arménien, enquête de mémoire» (with Pierre Gouyou Beauchamps, Daphné Gastaldi, Golias, 2015).

Documentaries: «Interpol – Who Controls the World Police?» (with Robert Schmidt and Samuel Lajus, Arte Cocottes Minute Production, 2018); contributor to French «Cash Investigation», «Eglise, le poids du silence» (Premières Lignes, France 2, 2017) awarded with the Prix Europa 2017.

Awards: Prix international DevReporter 2016, with Alberto Campi and Daphné Gastaldi for the reports about Roma people in France, Romania and Slovakia. Several European grants for his collaboration with Robert Schmidt.

<strong> Robert Schmidt </strong>
Robert Schmidt Multimedia journalist
Based in Strasbourg, France
Based in Strasbourg, Robert Schmidt is working as a freelance journalist for European media outlets. His main topics of investigation are environmental crime, neo-Nazi groups and public-private partnerships. He is also a teacher in media education and honorary professor for investigative journalism at Strasbourg Media School.

Partners: ARTE, DIE ZEIT, taz, Mediapart, Disclose…

Documentaries: « Interpol – Who Controls the World Police? » (ARTE, Cocottes Minute Production, 2018). « Bone Dry: How multinational companies exploit our water resources » (ARTE, Eikon Media, 2021). « Ikea, the tree hunter » (ARTE, Disclose Films, 2023). « Far right and Neo-Nazi groups: The new terrorism threat » (M6/ZDFinfo, Slug News, 2023). « Losing its sparkle: The dark side of the Champagne industry » (Deutsche Welle, Miramar Film, 2024).

Book: «Interpol : L’enquête» (with Mathieu Martiniere, HarperCollins France, 2023).

Awards: EU Journalism Fellowship in 2012. Several working grants including Netzwerk Recherche 2015 grant from the German federation of investigative journalism, International Press Institute grant, Reporters in the field grant from the Robert Bosch Foundation. Prix 2019 du Club de la Presse Strasbourg Europe, with We Report. Nominated twice for the German-French Press Award.

<strong> Maïté Darnault </strong>
Maïté Darnault Journalist
Based in Lyon, France
After ten years in Paris (including seven years working for Le Monde), an episode in New Caledonia and journalistic trips abroad, Maïté, graduate of the CUEJ, the journalism school of Strasbourg, is currently based in Rhône-Alpes. She’s a reporter, investigative journalist and storyteller on national and international issues and specialized on social issues. Maïté also teaches about the fundamentals of journalism. Furthermore, she’s reporting and fixing for English-speaking colleagues on hard news in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes area.

Partners: Libération (correspondent in Lyon), Les Jours, Mediapart.

<strong> Alberto Campi </strong>
Alberto Campi Photojournalist
Based between Geneva, Switzerland and Grenoble, France
Adept of «slow journalism», Alberto has been working as a freelancer since 2007. He’s Italian by birth, migrant by choice. Alberto worked a lot in the Alps and in the Balkan region. He also was the correspondent for the Swiss monthly magazine La Cité. Alberto is holding workshops on photographic language, participative photography, photojournalism and media literacy. He collaborates with the department of geography and environment of the university of Geneva and HETS (Geneva).

Partners:Mediapart, Libération, Les Jours, SwissInfo, La Cité, Mediacités, Irin News, La Tribune de Genève, Il Corriere della Sera, La Stampa, Internazionale,, Il Fotografo, Witness Journal, Capital, Vivre Ensemble…

Awards: World Report Award, «Single Shot» category, at the Ethical photography festival in Lodi (Italy), in 2017. Prix international DevReporter 2016, with Mathieu Martiniere and Daphné Gastaldi, for the reports about Roma people in France, Romania and Slovakia. First prize at the Swiss Photo Award 2012, «Reportage» category, for the report about migration in Greece «Beyond Evros Wall».


<strong> Mathieu Périsse </strong>
Mathieu Périsse Multimedia journalist
Based in Lyon, France
Mathieu works on in-depth news stories for French and Swiss media. He is specialised on radio reports and has made long radio reports in several countries in the world: (Afghanistan, Belarus, Cyprus, Burkina Faso, Bulgaria,…).

Parnters: Mediapart, France Culture, Radio Télévision Suisse,, Society, So Foot, Lyon Capitale, Mediacités, Acteurs de l’Economie, Terra Eco, Rue89Lyon, RCF, Les Inrocks…

Books: «Le Prix du berceau» (with Daphné Gastaldi, Le Seuil, 2023); «Eglise, la mécanique du silence» (with Daphné Gastaldi and Mathieu Martiniere, JC Lattès, 2017)

Documentaries: Cash Investigation contributor, «Eglise, le poids du silence» (Premières Lignes, France 2, 2017) awarded with the Prix Europa 2017.

<strong> Federico Franchini </strong>
Federico Franchini Journalist
Based in Lugano, Switzerland
Federico puts an emphasis on the role of Switzerland as a hub of the international world trade, the legal and the illegal one. He’s part-time freelance and also works for the Union’s magazine Area.

Partners: Area, La Cité, L’Espresso, Il Caffé, Reportagen, Mediapart, Gotham City…

Awards: Zurcher Journalistenpreis 2016 for a collaboration with Hannes Grassegger and Daniel Puntas Bernet about the dirty Congo gold and the role of a a Swiss refinery, in 2017 he got the Swiss Italian journalism award for his investigation about the BSI bank, published by Area and La Cité.

<strong> Alexander Abdelilah </strong>
Alexander Abdelilah Multimedia journalist
Based in Eastern France
Born in Paris, Alexander Abdelilah spent many years working in Germany, exploring the aftermath of the refugee crisis. Now based in the East of France, he focuses on longer investigations about corruption, financial and environmental crimes for French, Luxembourg and German media. Datasets and spreadsheets are his weapons of choice.

Partners: Disclose, Mediapart, Le Monde, L’Obs, DIE ZEIT, ARTE, Les Jours, Reporter, Luxemburger Wort, Double…

Documentaries: Co-author of « IKEA, le seigneur des forêts » (ARTE, Disclose Films, PLTV, 2023) and « À sec, la grande soif des multinationales » (ARTE, Eikon, 2021)

Awards and grants: Pulitzer Center Rainforest Investigations Network Fellow 2024, European Press Prize 2022, IJ4EU Impact Award 2022 (honourable mention), 2014 Franco-German Journalism Prize for writing in the special edition of M Le Magazine du Monde / ZEIT Magazin : « France-Allemagne – Ich Liebe Dich (moi non plus) ». Nominated for the SIGMA Awards 2024, Deutscher Reporterpreis 2024, Franco-German Journalism Prize 2022 and 2023.

Collaborators in media education


<strong> Magali Vagneur </strong>
Magali Vagneur Journalist and media literacy trainer
Based in Lyon, France
Magali has held various positions in a large number of newsrooms: local editorial journalist at La Provence and Les Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace, editorial secretary for Libération and Les Echos; computer graphics manager at Les Echos, editor-in-chief for the monthly 36 000 communes. Nowadays, she works as a freelance journalist on rewriting or popularising work on regional planning or environmental issues. In schools, she is involved in media literacy programs (text, sound, photo, sound slideshow, interactive mapping).

Partners: La Provence, Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace, Libération, Les Echos, 36 000 communes.

<strong> Pierre Gouyou Beauchamps </strong>
Pierre Gouyou Beauchamps Journalist and photographer
Based in Lyon
Freelance since 2007, Pierre works about societal topics as well as on big reports for publications on travelling.

Collaborations: Libération, L’Humanité, Terre sauvage, Alpes magazine, Journal du WWF.

Works: «Génocide arménien, en quête de mémoire» with Daphné Gastaldi, Mathieu Martiniere, Golias, 2015.

Web site:

<strong> Fabio Lo Verso </strong>
Fabio Lo Verso Journalist, editor in chief
Based in Geneva, Switzerland
Fabio is the former correspondent at the Swiss parliament for the newspaper Tribune de Genève and former editor in chief of the newspaper Courrier. In 2010 Lo Verso founded La Cité, an independent newspaper funded by its readers. Lo Verso is also member in the Council of the foundation Stiftung Qualität in den Medien in Zurich.

Books: «Manifeste pour une nouvelle presse (en) Suisse», Les éditions La Paulette, 2013.

Honorary members

<strong> Nikolay Staykov </strong>
Nikolay Staykov Journalist
Nikolay was editor in chief of the Bulgarian economy paper  « Capital » until 2007. Nikolay defines himself today as a « citizen journalist ». Nikolay is coordinating the team behind the platform, a website created from citizens after the riots against the Bulgarian government in June 2013.

His in-depth stories, especially about corruption in Bulgaria, have been retaken by: The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, New York Times, Financial Times, Reuters, Euronews, ARD, ARTE et Slate…

<strong> Isabelle Monnin </strong>
Isabelle Monnin Journalist and writer
For 17 years, Isabelle worked as a grand reporter for French magazine « L’Obs » where she was covering big court stories, mainly focussing on stories forgotten by other journalists. Today, Isabelle isn’t in journalism any longer, but acts as a book writer. That’s how she manages to really live her passion: Keeping track of the traces of life, fighting against one day scoops and simplicity. For her, real beauty is in the details.
<strong> Drew Sullivan </strong>
Drew Sullivan Journalist
Drew is an US-American journalist based in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. He is a co-founder of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), a network of investigative journalists focused on crime and corruption in Eastern Europe and Asia. Drew is also member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), known for the « Offshore Leaks » and the « Panama Papers »
<strong> Philippe Rekacewicz </strong>
Philippe Rekacewicz Cartographer, geographer and journalist
Aka « Reka ». Philippe graduated in Geography at Sorbonne and quickly became a permanent contributor to Le Monde diplomatique, that he left definitely in 2014. Since 1996 he heads the cartographic department of UNEP (GRID-Arendal) in Norway, which aims to assess and to map environmental problems in relation to human security issues. Philippe also worked on the the documentary « Voyage au centre de la carte », directed by V. Gauvin for France 5 in 2009. Interested in linking cartography, art, science and politics, he is in charge of various projects related to the  so called radical mapping movement. With Philippe Rivière, Philippe is in charge of the website

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